Can they bear the pressure?

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The best of the best of Dungannon and South Tyrone’s youth put themselves to the test through a course of elections.

This set of young councillors took it upon themselves to stand to try and make the area a better place for young people.

Chairperson Martina Talbot stated: “We all felt as if we needed to take it upon ourselves to create a council for Dungannon and South Tyrone so our voices can be heard. We feel this council will be a new start for the youth to allow everyone’s voice, no matter how quiet to be heard.”

The new office bearers are: Chairperson: Martina Talbot, Vice Chairperson: Shauna Gribben, Secretary: Shannon McCaul, Vice Secretary: Fionnan Ritchie, PRO: Indiia Potts, PRO: Ronan McCabe

The group recently went to Killowen Outdoor Education Centre to receive training on their roles. The youth council are holding a consultation event in January for local youth forums and groups to have their say on issues that affect them. They will meet with local elected reps and visit Stormont to ensure young people’s voices are carried to those that make decisions on issues and services that affect them. For information contact Maureen O’Gorman, ducation Authority, 02837512573, maureen.o’