Charity launch night in Coalisland a great success

Some of the children Mary's Meals help through the generosity of the public
Some of the children Mary's Meals help through the generosity of the public

A great crowd of local people came together recently to set up a support community for charity ‘Mary’s Meals.’

Mary’s Meals is a global movement which helps some of the poorest children to get one meal per day in a place of education.

The launch night in Coalisland Fianna Clubrooms was a great success with a large crowd in attendance and donations collected both on the night and beforehand to the value of £889.

With just £12.20, Mary’s Meals can feed one child for a whole school year, and with the generosity of the local people, the charity can now feed 73 children for a school year.

The charity wishes to say “a big thank you” to everyone who contributed so generously adding: “With everyone doing a little it is hoped we can add to this number in the coming weeks and months.”

Following on from the success of the launch night a charity walk is currently being organised in August to coincide with Coalisland Na Fianna fun week.

Details will be announced closer to the time.

In the last number of weeks the charity support community have distributed a number of information DVDs in the area, to those that have them if they have finished viewing them and have not already passed them on, the charity would be grateful if you could return them to Jackie or telephone 07521 695959 to arrange for them to be collected.

Mary’s Meals are currently feeding 894,288 of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school thanks to the generosity of people who share their vision that every child in this world of plenty should receive a nutritious daily meal in their place of education.

For more information on Mary’s Meals visit