Clogher ‘cell-fie’ man’s case will not be contested


Police were alerted to photos on a Clogher man’s Facebook page which showed him taking a ‘selfie’ inside Dungannon Courthouse, local Magistrates have heard.

East Tyrone Magistrates Court was also told that, despite not being present in court to hear that he was being convicted in the matter, the defendant was not intending to make any legal challenge in the case.

Twenty-two year-old Lee McCausland, whose address was given in court as Crossowen Gardens, was convicted in his absence after neither he nor his solicitor turned up at court.

A bench warrant was issued by the court and McCausland subsequently presented himself to police later the same day and pointed out that he believed the case was due up the following week. This was backed by his solicitor.

McCausland was convicted of taking a photograph in Dungannon Courthouse on April 7, 2014, and again four days later on April 11.

The court heard police were alerted to a newspaper article showing the pictures on McCausland’s own personal Facebook page.

In relation to the conviction of taking photographs in court, District Judge John Meehan asked whether McCausland wished to appeal the decision.

District Judge Meehan said: “If so, the cas e will be transferred to Omagh Magistrates Court for a fresh contest to be heard.

“I have little doubt the resident judge will be most unhappy if there is a last minute plea change or conviction.”

District Judge Meehan granted time for the defence to consult with McCausland, who returned to court, stating he did not wish to appeal in the matter.

Judge Meehan released McCausland on bail of £200, whilst awaiting the preparation of pre-sentence reports by the Northern Ireland Probation Board.

McCausland was ordered to return to court for sentencing in the offence on April 29.