Clogher Valley councillor slams plans by PSNI to charge for community events

Cllr Sean McGuigan
Cllr Sean McGuigan

Community groups and charities could risk being “burdened” with additional costs if proposed new legislation gets the go-ahead, a local councillor has warned.

Clogher Valley Sinn Fein representative, CllrSean McGuigan has slammed the proposals by the PSNI “to begin charging many of our community groups/charities for police supervision at their events”

Cllr McGuigan was speaking at the Environment Committee of the Mid Ulster Council and said:

“We have these proposed charges on community groups, whilst at the same time the most glaring examples of the use/misuse of police time is around parading. During the so-called marching season many of our towns, villages and roads become inaccessible and it appears these remain exempt from the charges.

“I have proposed that the Council write to both the Minister of Justice and the Parades Commission to express our deepest concerns that the costs of parades is hoisted upon everyone, rather than those responsible, yet groups and charities are going to be burdened with additional costs.”

The Mid Ulster Councillor concluded: “In my mind this is one of the most glaring inequitable pieces of legislation that is being foisted upon Councils and their citizens and urged that this should be equality proofed in terms of all of the use of police time not this highly selective piece.”