Coagh families’ pain compounded by OTR controversy - Overend

UUP MLA Sandra Overend
UUP MLA Sandra Overend

UUP MLA for Mid Ulster SAndra Overend Mrs Overend said the families have had their pain compounded by the on-the-runs controversy.

“I have been contacted by constituents from Coagh, many of whom lost friends and family members in the Troubles, including the three men who were murdered in Coagh by the IRA on the 07 March 1989,” she said.

“To date, these families have had no justice; no-one has ever been convicted of the atrocities and the families of the victims are left, daily, to deal with the consequences.

“They have had their pain compounded by the recent revelations of letters of comfort to so-called “On

The Runs” and the media coverage of frustration expressed by families of three IRA men at the delay

into holding a full inquest into their deaths at the hands of the SAS in Coagh in June 1991.

“The families and friends of the three men murdered by the IRA in March 1989 are also frustrated.

Their loved ones did not set out to cause harm to anyone. They were innocent victims murdered by IRA terrorists in a savage sectarian attack almost twenty five years ago.

“It is vital that anyone who committed terrorist atrocities during the Troubles should still face the possibility of being brought before the courts to face the full force of the law, and receive the appropriate punishment.

“As the recent conviction for the murder of John Proctor demonstrated, it is possible for some measure of justice to be achieved by families even three decades on.

“For too long it has appeared that victim makers have been given preferential treatment, at the expense of the victims, and this simply cannot continue.”