Coalisland community and college host ‘Young Americans’

The Young American's with St Joseph's Students during rehearsals
The Young American's with St Joseph's Students during rehearsals

St Joseph’s College Coalisland always like to be a bit different!

They like to capture the attention of the community with various exciting new projects and they like to get the locals talking.

What better way of doing this than by inviting 45 Young Americans to town!

College Principal Desi McNeill has brought in lots of new initiatives since taking up his position and has outdone himself with this latest venture.

The Young Americans are a performing arts group who tour all around the world providing workshops to school children to instil confidence, self-belief and the ability to take on new challenges.

Over 100 St Joseph’s College students along with some primary 7 pupils from Aughamullan worked tirelessly for three days to put on the most spectacular high energy performance that the college has ever seen.

As always this venture could not have happened without the dedication and support of the staff, parents and the local community. They all helped to host The Young Americans in their own homes, providing them with accommodation, food and transporting them to the college.

This was truly a team effort with College and community working hand in hand.

A big thank you must go to sponsors EDGE INNOVATE, SPRINGISLAND SUPERMARKET and NHL Hydraulic Cylinders who supported the College tremendously over the course of the event.