Coalisland councillors highlight ‘trecherous roads’


“Treacherous” driving conditions in the Coalisland area have resulted in unfortunate motorists having their cars towed out of ditches by cranes, such is the poor standard of the roads, local councillors are warning.

Torrent Sinn Fein representative, Cllr Joe O’Neill, said roads in the Derrytresk area were “hazardous” and warned there was a very real potential for serious accidents.

Cllr O’Neill continued: “Among those highlighted is the Derrytresk Road where cars have skidded off the road due to lack of gritting and could have resulted in serious injury or even death.

“I have spoken to local people who have to use these roads under these conditions and they described incidences when cars have had to be lifted out by cranes and towed from ditches.

“The Coole Road is another serious concern especially at Aughamullan School where there are young children being dropped off and collected from school.

“I welcome the news they are going to erect a Safety Flashing warning sign and enhance road markings to improve driver awareness when approaching the school.”

SDLP councillor, Malachy Quinn, also welcomed the introduction of warning lights at Aughamullan PS, adding:

“While the residents and parents are looking for a lower speed limit, I believe this is a good first step in that process and the lights have been welcomed in that regard. Drivers must realise the dangers that are around them especially when approaching a school as well as other built up areas and take notice of the set speed limit.”