Coalisland crash motorist who fled the scene admitted his driving was ‘a little below’ standard


A Coalisland man who crashed his car and fled the scene has escaped a driving disqualification.

Ethain Gervin, from Cloghog Road, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

He pleaded guilty to careless driving, failure to remain at an accident, and failure to report an accident after he crashed his car at Tamnamore Road roundabout on the night of October 30.

As well as extensively damaging his car, Gervin caused damage to a crash barrier and sign, the court was told.

Police were unable to locate the defendant at the scene of the accident, or at his home, and his mother told officers that he was not answering his phone.

When Gervin attended the police station the next day, he admitted to officers that his driving had been ‘a little below’ that which might be expected from a competent driver.

On the night of the crash, he had been driving from Belfast, and was concentrating on oncoming traffic.

The court heard that the defendant had been driving for seven years and ‘had no points at all’ on his licence.

Since the accident, Gervin had placed a self-imposed driving ban on himself, and was travelling to a local college every day by bus. He had scrapped his car, but was hoping to return to driving in the future.

He had not been drinking and had panicked at the scene of the accident.

However, the judge said there was a strong suspicion hanging over Gervin that he had been drinking, but since that could not be proven, he would escape a driving ban.

Instead, the judge imposed 7 penalty points and a £365 fine.