Coalisland man throws stool through ex’s window as he thought she was with another man


A Coalisland man who threw a stool through his former girlfriend’s window after he found out she was in a new relationship has been warned that he has had “his one chance” to avoid custody.

The court heard how police were called to a house in Newell Road in Dungannon in the early hours of January 3.

The injured party described how Tomas Valiunas, 36, from Derryvale Road, was banging on the door trying to speak to her.

She was forced to hide and pretend to be absent. The defendant then picked up a stool and threw it through the window.

“There is no excuse. He believed his former partner to be with another male,” a solicitor for Valiunas said.

“He knows this was totally unacceptable. He realises he has no further part to play in this innocent woman’s life.”

Handing down a two month prison sentence, District Judge John Meehan said: “There is no question of this court only imposing a fine for a clear domestic violence case.

“When a man decides he has some hold over a woman after their relationship is over - how mad is that?

“It is outrageous, utterly unacceptable, and far too common.

“This woman was trapped in her own house at night, forced to hide out to avoid you,” Judge Meehan told the defendant.

“This is your one chance to have this dealt with without custody,” he said as he ordered the sentence suspended for two years.