Coalisland man who punched taxi driver tracked down after leaving phone in back seat


A Coalisland man who punched a taxi driver in the face after he refused his fare will discover his sentence on May 25,

Bernard McDonagh, 31, from Ardnaskea Park, was one of three men who took a taxi on the night of October 5 2014. While parked in The Square, McDonagh asked to be taken on to Toome.

The driver refused as he said he had another booking.

“Is it because I’m a Traveller?” Mr McDonagh was reported to have said. “Is my money not good enough?” He then punched the taxi man in the face.

McDonagh was traced thanks to a mobile phone left in the rear of the taxi.

When interviewed he denied being the offender, stating that it had been one of his friends from Dundalk.

However, the injured party subsequently picked out the defendant from a line-up. He later admitted his guilt.