Coalisland nursery decision imminent


A final decision on the long-running campaign to have more nursery places at a Coalisland school is expected within weeks.

Many parents have been unable to secure nursery places for their children in the Coalisland area over the last number of years, prompting a move to establish an additional full-time unit at Primate Dixon Primary School.

However, the plan was originally rejected by the Department of Education in 2012, which argued that there was not a severe shortage of places in the area. At the time the decision was criticised by local councillor Barry Monteith, who warned that local parents were being discriminated against.

“We need extra places funded now and a review of the whole system of nursery provision, looking specifically at the Dungannon area and planning for the future, instead of just lurching from crisis to crisis”, he said.

The consultation period for the new unit is due to end on March 23, with the Education Minister due to make his decision shortly afterwards.

Mid Ulster MP, Francie Molloy, has urged the Coalisland community to get behind the campaign for more nursery places.