Coalisland woman Tessie’s weight loss success has given her a zest for life!

Tessie shows off her hard work at a recent wedding
Tessie shows off her hard work at a recent wedding

After years of tears over her weight, Tessie Dillon has developed a new “zest for life” after losing over 12 stone with the help of a personal trainer.

Now a regular at the Performance Lab, the 42-year-old said she has gone from feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed by her own body to being able to dead lift 170k and walk a 26 mile marathon in just 15 months.

And the reaction to the 42-year-old’s new figure has been “really positive” she said.

“People are actually stopping me in the street and saying that they wouldn’t have known me only they heard my voice.

“There’s people who can’t get over the weight loss. But it’s been very positive and everybody has been very supportive.”

Tessie has even embarked on a new relationship after her transformation gave her “a new lease of life” and helped rebuild her confidence.

But with “hard work, determination and commitment” she said anyone could get the results she did.

“It’s simple,” she explained, “If you eat the right food and exercise - the two of them work together.”

Now the Holistic Therapist fits five gym sessions a week in round her clients and has swapped the biscuits for lean meats and leafy greens.

“I’ve lost weight before, but I would say this is the only way,” she added. “On the journey I’m on now I know it’s a way of life... and that’s what people need to realise.

“It’s not a quick fix, it’s hard. It’s wanting to change your life, but... not only will it help you physically, it helps you mentally as well.”

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