Community sickened after dead horse dumped near Ardboe aerodrome

Dead horse dumped near Ardboe
Dead horse dumped near Ardboe

For the second time in the last month a Facebook page set up to highlight fly tipping around the lough shore has come across a discarded dead animal - this time a fully grown horse.

On Friday evening Fly Tippers Loughshore posted an image of the animal’s carcass on its Facebook page.

The message said the horse was left at “Nugents Corner on the Drum”.

It is understood that just two years ago another dead horse was left in the very same spot.

And while they had posted further pictures of the unfortunate animal they said the content was too graphic so they decided to take them down.

In June the group’s page, which normally features picture reports of everyday waste being dumped on the lough shore’s road sides and fields, reported a dead sheep that had been left to rot at Nelly Campbell’s old house on the Crock Road.

While last September a supporter provided pictures of rats scavenging amongst takeaway waste that had been dropped on the road near their home.

“RATS!!” it said.

“This is the sight that confronted a local recently close to their home, eating out of a discarded fast food container!

“If people would only be more considerate and bring their rubbish home or put it in a BIN, then this sight wont become common.”

Fly Tippers Loughshore said Mid Ulster council have been informed about the dead animal.