Cookstown drink-driver told police to ‘f**k off’

Drink driving
Drink driving

A Cookstown man who drove after consuming alcohol then resisted police has been fined and disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Mark Edmund Cardwell, 28, of Mulnagore Road, Cookstown pleaded guilty to the charges relating to an incident on August 11 last year.

A court was told of how police received a report that a vehicle had been struck by another one in the McDonald’s drive thru. Police spotted a vehicle matching the description of the one they were looking for, driven by the defendant. Police signalled for the defendant to stop but the car continued on its route. Police continued to pursue the vehicle where it eventually stopped. Police spoke to the driver and cautioned him for the offence and he became aggressive and told police to f**k off a number of times.

Police attempted to arrest him and he tensed up and struggled with officers. He was fined £415 and disqualified for 12 months.