Cookstown man assaulted a 74-year old neighbour and threatened to burn his house


A Cookstown man who admitted assaulting a 74-year old neighbour will discover his sentence on May 4.

Steven Atkinson, 19, from Killymoon Street, was due to contest three charges on Wednesday but changed his plea to admit the assault and threats to damage property on October 10.

A charge of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place was withdrawn by the PPS.

The court heard how on the morning in question the injured party saw a small fire near his house and went to investigate.

He found a child’s toy on fire and extinguished it. As he was doing this, the defendant began shouting at him that the victim had started the fire and had struck him on the left hand with a bar.

The man left the scene and went home. Atkinson followed him and made threats to smash his windows and set fire to his house.