Cookstown man’s song for the homeless goes on sale on iTunes

A homeless person sleeping on a bench
A homeless person sleeping on a bench

A song for the homeless that was penned by Cookstown singer-songwriter Anton Glackin has now been released for sale on iTunes.

Titled Thoughts of Christmas, the moving ballad was recorded by the very talented Alexandra Sykes and every penny made from the track will be going to charity.

Anton, who now lives and works in Belfast, said he was inspired to write the tune after spending Christmas away from home.

Now he hopes it can raise some much needed money for the Simon Community and Refugee Centre NI.

Having worked on music projects for poverty in the past, the former Holy Trinity College pupil said the thinking behind it was to raise awareness of the growing issue of homelessness.

But he also hopes it can raise some much needed funds for charities working on the issue.

“I wrote the song a couple of years ago,” Anton explained, “but we only did a small release in Belfast.

“This year we decided to do an online release and I put the video together with the images just to highlight the plight of refugees and the homeless, internationally as well as at home.

“And anybody who wants to donate, the money will go straight to the charities.”

“I have always been involved in the anti-poverty and homeless movement,” he went on, “and one year I was abroad myself for Christmas.”

And as for the thinking behind the song, he said: “It’s much easier to touch people through music.”

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