Cookstown man told police he was going to sleep in car after row with wife


A Cookstown man who was found sat behind the wheel of his car, eating a curry in Drum Manor Forest has been fined for being in charge with excess alcohol in breath.

Peter Kundek, 40, of St Jeans Cottages, Cookstown admitted the offence relating to an incident on March 9 this year.

A court heard how police found Mr Kundek sat in the drivers side of his vehicle parked in Drum Manor with the keys in the ignition. Police noted he had a blanket and could smell intoxicating liquor. He failed a breath test and was taken to the station where a further test gave a reading of 67mg/100ml of breath. A defence solicitor for Mr Kundek told the court her client had an argument with his wife and had gone a bought a curry and bottle of whiskey and had parked up to eat it and was planning to sleep there for the night.

He was fined £100 and had 10 penalty points endorsed on his licence.