Cookstown teen has licence revoked after pleading guilty to driving offences

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A young Sandholes driver has had his licence revoked after pleading guilty to four motoring charges.

Aaron Wesley Hamilton, 18, from Shivey Road, admitted failure to produce insurance, having a defective tyre, misuse of lighting device, and incorrect registration plates.

Police described how they spotted Hamilton’s VW Jetta enter a nightclub car park in the early hours of May 22. It had its fog light on.

They later saw the same car pull across the road to the Greenvale Hotel and noted the non-regulation number plates.

Under inspection they also spotted a worn down tyre and defective lights.

“He was parked in the car park and neglected to turn on his main lights,” counsel said.

“It was due to work commitments that he didn’t attend the police station with his insurance.

“The changes to his plates were purely cosmetic while he was not aware that the inner section of his tyre was worn.

“He already has three points on his licence. He passed his test in February 2015 and is therefore subject to young drivers legislation and would have his licence revoked if he gets another three.”

District Judge John Meehan handed down fines totalling £440 and a £15 offender’s levy. He also imposed three penalty points meaning his licence was revoked.

Charges of no insurance and failure to produce his driving licence were withdrawn by the Public Prosecution Service.