Council and police to meet over CCTV


A LOCAL police chief is to meet with Dungannon Council’s Chief Executive this week to confirm potential providers of CCTV for Coalisland, the Tyrone Times can reveal.

A spokesperson for the cross-community organisation, Coalisland Cares, which is aiming to tackle problems with drugs, alcohol and other additions affecting young people living in the town, explained those in charge of the cameras would be from an independent private company, and not the PSNI.

The group also revealed that the PSNI are currently contacting An Garda Siochana and organisations in Britain to see if there are “good practice models” which can be learned from.

The spokesperson explained: “This project will need effective partnership and initial training, likely to include: roles and responsibilities, listening skills, youth culture, drugs awareness, mental health, first aid, working with PSNI”.

Coalisland Cares has also nominated and elected a committee at a meeting last week, in order to facilitate fundraising and progressing with various projects.

Chairperson of the group is Paddy Linden, with Yvonne Donnelly as Vice Chair. Seanan Cummings as Treasurer, and Ciara McLernon as Secretary.

Projects to be taken forward in the short term include training for parents, ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and volunteers willing to represent Coalisland Cares on the streets of the town to offer a “reassuring community presence”.

Coalisland Cares has also made initial contact with the Dungannon based alcohol and drugs awareness charity, Breakthru, with regard to information for parents wishing to talk to their children about such issues.