Council launches internal fraud investigation

DUNGANNON District Council has confirmed that an internal fraud investigation is underway.

The probe is being undertaken by accountants from Deloitte, the council’s internal auditors, and is believed to have begun several weeks ago.

The allegations centre on the Technical Services Department, according to Acting Chief Executive Ian Frazier.

Mr Frazier confirmed that the investigation is proceeding but said: “I don’t wish to make any further comment that might be prejudicial to the parties involved.”

The exact circumstances which prompted the probe are not known at this stage.

As a local government body, Dungannon council’s activities are audited every year by staff from the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

Local government auditors are mainly responsible for the audit of Northern Ireland District Councils and report the results of their work to the Department of the Environment.

The Local Government Auditor can, if considered appropriate, make a Public Interest Report on any matter coming to notice in the course of an audit.

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The NIAO gave Dungannon Council a clean bill of health last year, stating: “The Council continues to have adequate financial management arrangements overall.” It added that the council had a stable financial position overall.

The council was also praised by the audit office for its positive and constructive response to the audit.

The audit office’s full letter to Dungannon Council, highlighting important issues, can be found at the Tyrone Times website through the following link