Council’s bonfire format ‘open to abuse’ say loyalist group

Magherafelt Council
Magherafelt Council

The British Truth Forum says it has handed a letter of concern to the council with regards to the consultation format of Mid Ulster Council’s bonfire questionnaire.

“We believe this format, which the council has adopted, is open for abuse,” said a spokesperson for the group.

“We’re asking the council to stop this consultation and re-look at this format and alter it accordingly, so it is a fair process.”

Consultation on the Council’s proposed bonfire management policy began a month ago and is scheduled to last for another nine weeks.

Encouraging people to take part, the council said while any new policy will not be operational until July 2019, there are plans to engage with local communities in advance of 2018 bonfire events to pilot the programme, allow community representatives to become familiar with how the proposals may operate in practice.