Council says it put up cameras in Maghera

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Mid-Ulster District Council has erected 18 temporary cameras in Maghera to carry out traffic count surveys.

A council spokesperson said the surveys are being conducted as part of the baseline data collection for the Maghera Public Realm Scheme.

“The cameras were installed in various locations throughout Maghera and will be in place for approximately one week.

“The council is not aware of the placement of cameras in the Coalisland area.”

The British Truth Forum, whose members erected a Union flag in Magherafelt town centre last year after it was removed by the council to make way for a public art sculpture, said they had been contacted by concerned residents in relation to the cameras in Maghera.

The group said in a statement: “These cameras have no signage and apparently the DUP know nothing about them.

“After contacting the PSNI, in regards to the cameras, they said it’s a council matter.

“There has been no public consultation about these cameras and what their purpose is, or how this will affect the public’s invasion of privacy, whilst conducting their business in the town.

“We believe more cameras are going up in Coalisland and other mainly Republican areas.

“Questions must be asked ‘what is going on’, we would like to remind the PSNI and council, they are public servants and work for the people, not each other.”