Crackdown on crazy quad menace in Killeeshil and Galbally

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A crackdown has been launched against rowdy young quad drivers who are wreaking havoc and frightening people in Killeeshil and Galbally.

Residents and politicians have warned that someone could be injured if reckless teenagers continue to speed around the local roads.

Sinn Féin councillors Sean Mc Guigan and Mickey Gillespie have vowed to address the increasing problem in troublespot areas.

“Some families and individuals are scared to travel on certain roads at different times due to their fears of been struck by these vehicles being driven at excessive speeds,” said Cllr McGuigan.

“We all know that it is against the law for people to sell or provide these vehicles to these children.”

Echoing his party colleague’s sentiments, Cllr Gillespie said, “Some of these vehicles are being randomly stored or left at outlying lanes and farms when not being used. Therefore it is important that if any person knows where these vehicles are being left, that they contact relevant authorities to have them taken away otherwise contact one of us and we will do our best to deal with these vehicles on your behalf.”

In the joint statement the councillors left their contact numbers for anyone who may have concerns to get in touch with. They added, “We will do our best to help local people resolve or lessen what is becoming an anti-social issue within our area.”

Sean McGuigan can be contacted on 078 6777 7587 and Mickey Gillespie on 077 5380 7090. It is forbidden by law to ride scrambler or quad bikes in public spaces, such as playing fields or public parks.

According to police, the problem escalates in the period after Christmas.