Crime falls by 6% in Cookstown over last 12 months


Crime in Cookstown fell by six per cent last year when compared with the figures for 2012, according to police.

PSNI statistics show that from December 2012 to November 2013, a total of 1,619 crimes were recorded in the Cookstown area.

The figure is a substantial decrease on the 1,722 crimes that were discovered by police in the same period the previous year.

But while police are reporting a 14% decrease in the number of violent crimes leading to injury and in some cases murder, the figures suggest some other offences are on the rise.

The number of sexual offences have gone up, rising from 27 in 2012 — to 30 in 2013 — but this could be down to the Jimmy Savile scandal, which has led to an increase in the overall number of sex crimes reported to police.

Across Northern Ireland recorded sex crimes against children under 10 rose by almost 20% last year, when compared with the year before.

PSNI records show an increase from 316 to 377 reported sex offences against young children.

But violence, which did not lead to injury, has also decreased dramatically — from 317 to 280; as have house burglaries, vehicle thefts and muggings.

Overall, reported offences involving theft, from a person or property have lowered 5.8% from 2012.

And general thievery is down from 517 reported offences in 2012, to 487 last year.

But shoplifting offences — as previously reported by the MAIL — have jumped almost 13% from 95 crimes in 2012 to 109 in 2013.

Drug trafficking offences rose by 18%, but cases of actual drug possession dropped from 67 to 47 incidents in Cookstown — a massive 30% improvement.

Incidents of criminal damage, however, jumped from 337 to 352 as did cases of possession of an offensive weapon (from 6 to 10).

Fraud violations remained the same at 29 reported crimes and public order offences improved, falling from 16 to 12 incidents.