Bail for accused in rifle and Semtex case


A Co Tyrone man accused of having guns, explosives and items for use in terrorism has been granted bail by Belfast’s High Court.

Brian Carron, a 34-year-old of Colliers Lane in Coalisland, was arrested in connection with alleged offences between May 2010 and April 2011.

He is charged with possessing quantities of Semtex, rocket propellant, home grenade initiators, glucose powder, improvised power units and incendiary devices, eight detonators, and component parts of an improvised rocket system.

Carron also faces a count of having firearms with intent to endanger life, namely four AKM assault rifles, six loaded magazines and ammunition.

A third charge relates to the alleged possession of two mobile phones and four vehicles in preparation for an act of terrorism.

The Courts Service confirmed Carron was granted bail on Friday.

He is to abide by a curfew, electronic monitoring and must surrender his passport. Cash sureties of £10,000 are also to be lodged as part of the bail conditions.