Called officer a ‘black b^*tard’ before spitting blood in his face

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A Benburb man who spat blood into the face of a police officer during a drunken fight in Dungannon has been sentenced to a hundred hours of community service.

Gearoid Duffy, 27, from Battleford Road, was involved in a fight in the early hours of October 30 on Shambles Lane.

He had been knocked to the floor but was observed charging back towards the fight with blood on his face and nose. Police noted that he was very drunk.

He began to swear and shout at police, calling them “black b*****d” and “black c**t”.

His friends held him back but he continued to be aggressive towards police, and began shouting that police had beaten him up.

As they attempted to remove Duffy from the scene he spat bloody phlegm in one constable’s face.

Restraining the defendant on the ground, officers were forced to call for more officers to attend the scene and drew their CS spray.

Duffy was subsequently placed in the back of a police car with his T-shirt pulled over his head to prevent more spitting.

“His record is completely clear... he is not doing this every weekend. It is out of character for him,” said Mr Craig Patton, defending.

“He says that he was initially assaulted and should have gone to seek police help at that stage. He is regretful about the whole incident.”

District Judge John Meehan handed down a fine of £200 and a 100 hour community service order.