Coagh man caught with drugs six days after prison sentencing

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A man from Coagh has been given a chance to prove he can stay out of trouble after he was discovered with cannabis and pepper spray just six days after being sentenced to prison.

The court heard how 43-year-old Anthony Lawn’s home at Bridge End was searched by police on the morning of November 26.

Magnets were seized from the electricity metre and a pepper spray was found. Four grinders and their contents were also discovered.

Under interview he admitted possession and told police that he had agreed to pay back £561 to the electricity company.

His solicitor told the court that his client had a “unenviable record” but had managed to secure work six weeks before at a building supplies company.

“This man is attempting to change his life. He is off alcohol and illegal drugs. Both have caused significant problems in his life.”

Deliberating over sentence, District Judge John Meehan said: “You were sentenced to prison for drugs possession and six days after this you... continued to use drugs.

It is an outrage that you were heading to prison... and the only reason that you were at home is because you filed a notice of appeal which was later dismissed.

“You’ve been through the prison process... and know the consequences of that. I am prepared to give you a chance,” he added, handing down a three month prison sentence which he suspended for two years.