Concerns raised around proposal to cut police station cleaners’ hours

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Concerns have been raised about cuts to the working hours of those employed to clean PSNI stations.

Mid Ulster DUP MLA Keith Buchanan told the Mail he has requested a meeting with the PSNI to discuss the issue, saying it came to his attention after the contract moved to a new company.

He has suggested that information provided to him showed “proposals to cut the total hours across the contract by over 20%, with some staff hours reduced by about 50%”.

He said: “These reductions, if correct, would have a substantial impact on the income of workers who are on minimum wage.

“Whilst there is an obvious focus on the company who are now in charge of the contract, the PSNI should answer questions about how the tender was assessed and whether the service can be adequately provided. Those civilian staff who operate in police stations must be treated with respect, particularly given the circumstances of Northern Ireland and the threat which exists around policing here.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said the tendering process was overseen by the Central Procurement Directorate.

“PSNI met with the Service Provider on 12 January and received verbal assurances that they are complying with all necessary regulations.

“It was also agreed that a series of meetings will be held at all locations across the PSNI over the next three weeks to discuss and agree how the Service Provider will meet contractual requirements.”