Convicted for driving under influence of drugs

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A man caught driving while under the influence of drugs in Coalisland was convicted of drink driving at court two days later, a court has heard.

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court was Ryan James Mark Haffey, 25, from Ard Ri Gardens in Armagh, also admitted possession of cannabis.

The court heard how police were at a checkpoint on Coalisland Road on March 25th when the defendant’s car approached the roundabout at speed.

They reported that they crossed the white lines a number of times.

When the car was stopped they detected the smell of cannabis and Haffey told the constables that he had been smoking the drug.

He pointed out where the rest of the drug was stored and told them that he had paid £30 for it.

“He apologises to the court for his behaviour,” his solicitor said. “He acknowledges that this was a stupid and dangerous thing to have done.

“Within the week he had attended with his GP... and is now on medicine to address his anxiety.

“He also attends the Breakthru Centre and has been off cannabis for two months.

“This offence occurred two days before his conviction for drink driving,” she told the court.

District Judge John Meehan handed down fines totalling £300 as well as a two year driving disqualification.

He also ordered that the drugs found in Haffey’s car should destroyed.