Convicted of no car insurance for fifth time

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A Dungannon man who never re-sat his driving test in the nine years after he was disqualified has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Patrick Morgan, 51, of Carland Road, was stopped by police close to his home on the night of December 18th.

He subsequently admitted having no insurance or L-plates, and driving as an unaccompanied learner. His vehicle was seized.

“He was candid with police... and made no effort to get back the car,” said Mr Noel Dillon, defending.

“He had previously been living in Dungannon but his landlord increased his rent. He was working in a meat factory but lost that job.

“He tells me that he purchased the vehicle and hoped to retake the test.”

Commenting that this was Morgan’s fifth conviction for no insurance, District Judge John Meehan asked: “He never found it feasible to re-sit the test in nine years?

“Nine years with no intention of sitting a test. He has never been reasonably insured and has been found out on a number of occasions.

“All other non-custodial interventions have been tried with this man.

“His record is of a man who does not accept that he needs to follow the rules. His selfish, anti-social attitude towards other road users is entrenched.”

He then disqualified him from driving for four years and imposed fines totalling £400.

Judge Meehan also handed down a two month prison sentence which he suspended for two years.