Cookstown man bent bar between handcuffs as he struggled against police

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A Cookstown man struggled against police arrest with such force that he bent the bar between handcuffs being used attempting to subdue him.

Deke George Peach, 29, from Castle Mews, was appearing before East Tyrone Magistrates Court on Wednesday to be sentenced for a double assault on police and criminal damage.

The court heard how, on the night of May 14, Peach was discovered at the junction of Sweep Road in Cookstown.

As he was helped he lashed out at the constables, striking one in the arm and chest while the second officer was struck on the side of his head.

The police attempted to restrain the defendant but he refused to be handcuffed and held onto the central bar on the device, damaging it before the officers managed to get another set onto his arms.

“He would say that he had just been assaulted and was not himself,” his solicitor told the court.

“He has intellect issues generally and has difficulties dealing with people.

“He has unresolved grief issues following the death of his mother. She was the mainstay of support.

“He had a relapse of grief following his father’s death in September 2015,” he concluded.

Handing down a two month sentence which he suspended for two years, District Jude John Meehan said: “The court has to balance its duty to the public with the aspiration to handle your rehabilitation.

“You must be judged by your behaviour. In the past you have been judged with clemency and forbearance.

“You are now in the position that if you hit someone again you will go to prison.”