Factory worker ‘took a chance’ on bend


A factory worker who caused a collision when he misjudged an overtaking manoeuvre on a bend, has lost his licence for four months.

Robert Adrezej Polit, of Union Court, Cookstown, was also fined £300 with a £15 offender levy for driving without due care and attention.

Bail of £200 was fixed to appeal the disqualification and the defendant was granted permission to drive pending the appeal.

Prosecuting counsel told East Tyrone Magistrates Court that the damage only accident happened at the Moy Road, Moy, on December 26 last.

He explained that, on arrival, police ascertained that the defendant was overtaking two cars and his vehicle had crossed the central white line. Counsel said no injuries were reported at the time.

Continuing, the lawyer said the defendant admitted he was responsible. “Yes it was my fault I was over the line,” he told police at the scene.

A defence lawyer said the defendant had misjudged the overtaking manoeuvre.

He said the vehicle ahead of him had been travelling at approximately 15mph and he had pulled out.

The lawyer said the defendant’s licence was essential for his work and family life. He stressed Polit had apologised to the other driver involved .

District Judge John Meehan said the defendant had “an appalling record” and had taken a chance which could have resulted in people being killed.