Fined after being caught in the act of buying cocaine

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A man who was caught in the act of buying cocaine in a Dungannon car park has received a fine from East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court.

Appearing to plead guilty to the charge of possession of cocaine was 28-year-old Mavrius Pernaravskas from Charlemont Street.

Police reported spotting the defendant standing in a car park near his home on June 4. They noted that he was acting in a suspicious manner.

He was then approached by a dark-coloured car and the constables saw him swap articles unknown through the window before the car drove off.

The police asked to see what was in Pernaravskas’ hand and he revealed a small bag containing a white powder substance.

When prompted, the defendant stated that it was “narcotics” and that he had paid £40 for it. He denied knowing the name of the person who had made the sale.

“This was unsophisticated,” said Mr Karl Mallon, defending. “It took place in a car park well lit by street lights and admitted his part from the outset.

“He is a father of two but is separated. He has worked since coming to Northern Ireland twelve years ago and lives with his mother.”

Noting his “lengthy record” but seeing nothing attached to drugs offences, District Judge John Meehan handed down a fine of £250 and also ordered that the seized drugs be destroyed.

A £15 offender’s levy was also imposed by Judge Meehan.