Just days to sway MLAs voting on Northern Ireland’s abortion laws

Amnesty International NI statistics on abortion
Amnesty International NI statistics on abortion

Almost 70 per cent of people in Northern Ireland support abortion in cases where pregnancy is a result of incest or rape, according to Amnesty International NI.

And in cases where the baby has a fatal foetal abnormality, 60% of the people surveyed also support the option.

The figures have emerged just as MLAs get ready to vote on amendments to the Justice Bill, which, if passed, would allow women access to abortions in such circumstances.

Of the 1,013 people questioned through random sampling, more unionist voters supported the changes than nationalists.

But with an average of more in favour of the changes than not, international human rights group Amnesty International is urging those across Mid Ulster who agree with these changes to urge their MLAs to vote for change.

The amendments are due to be debated and voted on at the Northern Ireland Assembly on Wednesday, February 10.

More on what Mid Ulster’s MLAs think soon.