Police called to distressed male

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An ambulance was called to assist a man who had taken an overdose in Dungannon last week.

Police said they had responded to a call received into their Control Room for a concern for safety of a male on Wednesday (May 16).

A spokesman said: “They arrived to find the male had taken a vast amount of tablets and a lot of alcohol and were then able to task an Ambulance immediately.

“Thank goodness for a good friend letting us know their concerns and big thank you to the NIAS who help us daily around Dungannon and are often unsung heroes! We are very grateful for all your support!

“This call comes during Mental Health Awareness week. Please know there is always someone to talk to and many Agencies for support.

“If you want someone to chat to, and don’t feel like talking to friends or family, phone LifeLine, the Samaritans, The Niamh Louise Foundation or any of the other charities out there who offer a non-judgemental listening ear.”