Police issue alcohol warning to teens before tonight's sold out Cookstown gig


In a message to teenagers before tonight's sold out Basshunter gig at Teen Clubland, the PSNI has warned that those found under the influence of alcohol "will be dealt with".

As well as revealing a number of visits to off-licences in the town before the event, police also warned that they will be keeping an eye on buses and that anyone found drinking will be sent on an alcohol awareness course.

In an post on the force's Facebook page, an officer said: "To all those young people heading out in Cookstown this Friday night to throw a few shapes on the dance floor, you know the score ' so here comes the lecture.

"Remember if you're under 18 and found to be under the influence of alcohol you will be dealt with."

They went on to say: "To consume alcohol underage is an offence and you can expect to spend the evening with one of our lovely NPT officers. Parents/guardians will be contacted and you will be attending an Alcohol Awareness Course in the very near future."

They also advised youngsters thinking of asking an over 18 to buy drink for them that "this is also an offence" and that they "have already called around several off-licences today to alert them".

"Please behave on the buses, drinking alcohol is once again forbidden on the buses and will be dealt with robustly," they went on.

"Buses may also be stopped and searched."

But the message was not all lecture.

"We honestly do want you all to have a good night," they said. "Please don't ruin your future by ending up drunk and us having to phone your parents. Don't risk your future over one foolish night out.

"Parents, please know where your children are and what they're getting up to and speak to them before they depart for their night out. #Keeping People Safe (kids and all!)"