Police vow clampdown on ‘illegal parking’ in Coalisland

Parking in Coalisland has become a hot topic again
Parking in Coalisland has become a hot topic again

Police have vowed to clampdown on illegal parking in Coalisland after it was reported that no parking tickets have been issued in the town in the last five years.

The PSNI said it is aware of issues in the town and is working to address the matter.

Advising motorists not to park across accesses, they are also urging drivers not to leave their car within 15m of a junction and to keep school entrances clear.

Constable Tim Hampton said: “Local officers are working with local people to address the issue of parking and to maintain, as much as possible, the free flow of traffic for the normal pattern of community life.

“We are also concerned about the safety of pedestrians, other road users and children.

“Police will always work with the community around local issues and will be keen to remind those parking that any illegal parking will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.”

“Police would advise motorists not to park or stop across any accesses, not to park or stop across any junctions, not to park or stop in the keep clear lines at school entrances and not to park within 15m of a junction.”

Anybody with concerns is advised to contact police on 101.