Prison sentence for driving offences

A CLOGHER man has been given a prison sentence following a driving incident in October 2012.

Shane McConnell, 26, of Crossowen Gardens, Clogher was stopped by police at a checkpoint driving a Peugeot 406 car on the Omagh Road, Ballymacilroy, Ballygawley on October 25th.

McConnell appeared in court for driving whilst disqualified and for using a motor vehicle without insurance.

Police then spoke to the vehicle owner, the defendants brother and he confirmed that he had not give permission for Mr McConnell to take the vehicle.

McConnell’s solicitor Jarlath Faloon asked the court to consider a Probation Order in the case.

District Judge John Meehan said that the court had “no choice” given the defendants “highly dangerous driving” record to impose a prison sentence.

McConnell was given a 3 month prison sentence and disqualified from driving for 2 years for driivng whilst disqualified.

He was given a concurrent prison sentence of 3 months and disqualified from driving for 1 year for driving with no insurance.

A concurrent prison sentence of 3 months was also given to McConnell for driving without lawful consent.

McConnell was also required to pay the offenders’ levy of £25.

Judge Meehan later granted McConnell bail of £200 subject to an appeal against the sentence.