PSNI warn motorists not to leave items

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PSNI are encouraging Dungannon and South Tyrone motorists to keep their cars safe after a recent spate of thefts.

Posted recently on the PSNI Dungannon and South Tyrone Facebook site, officers were calling on vehicle owners no to leave valuable items in cars or vans and especially in full view of passers-by.

It stated: “We would like to remind motorists that nothing of value should be kept in cars or vans particularly when it can be seen. This may prove too tempting for the opportunistic thief. If they see it they will steal it. “We all have a responsibility to do our bit to ensure we will not become the next victim of crime. “We are working hard to ensure that crime in the area remains relatively low in comparison with other areas, and working collectively we will be more effective in combatting this type of opportunistic crime. We fully investigate all reports, however, we would highlight the need for people to report suspicious activity when they see it rather than waiting until we knock at their doors when making follow enquiries.”

The post also offered crime preventaion advice for drivers.
• If you keep coins in your car to pay for parking and so on, keep it in a closed ashtray or out-of-sight.

• All handbags, jackets, wallets, laptops, sat navs, phones and so on should be never be left in a vehicle.

• A portable Sat-Nav should be taken out of the vehicle or locked in a boot together with the cradle. Any suction cup marks on the windscreen should be wiped away as their presence will indicate to the thief that you may have a device, such as a Sat-Nav, hidden in the glove compartment

• Keep the inside of the vehicle tidy as an untidy vehicle containing opened mail, plastic bags and so on may attract the curiosity of a thief

• If there is nothing in the glove compartment, leave it open to view.

• Remove the facia of your sound system if possible.

• Never keep valuable tools in unattended vehicles