Sparky’s ‘horrendous death’ may have been captured on social media, say police


The ‘horrendous’ death of an 11 week old puppy may have been captured on social media, say police.

The PSNI believe little Sparky may be been killed on Saturday between late morning and late afternoon and are asking for your help in finding any footage.

Reports that the tiny puppy may have been hit with a hammer and microwaved have not been confirmed.

The incident was said to have happened in the Ailsbury Park area and two males have been arrested on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Police have described the reports they received last night in relation to the puppy as ‘horrendous’.

“We need to hone in on some specifics of the investigation we need your assistance with,” said the PSNI.

“We now believe this happened on Saturday, between late morning and late afternoon.

“There has been suggestion that this was posted on Snapchat or other social media platforms.

“If you have seen any footage or photographs of the incident (NOT just screen shots of conversations and allegations) then we need to hear from you.

“If you happened to screen shot or record any videos that were sent, we need them.

“That will be the difference between a evidential case and pure hearsay.

“Currently, what we have is a lot of “he said, she said”.

“The incident number is 1135 of 05/02/18. If you can assist us with this investigation, call 101 now!

“Whatever happened, it is obvious that little Sparky suffered a horrendous death. We want to get to the bottom of that and make sure that whoever is responsible is held to account.

“We have two in custody, but need the evidence to be able to take that further.”

After much questioning on social media PSNI Craigavon urged people not to speculate but answered the following

-Yes, Snapchat should have the data, but due to data protection and human rights laws won’t release that to us unless for certain crimes, this not being one of them.

-Yes, other people are being looked at, however we can only go where the evidence takes us and as already said, that is NOT speculation and whataboutery.

- No we won’t be locking up and throwing away keys. Sentencing is for the courts, nothing to do with us.

-We have Sparkys remains and there is a post mortem being done. His body was recovered from a bin.

-Yes I’ve chatted to PD Mike, Dino and co and they have their own ideas of what steps should be taken. That’s why they’re kept on leads.