Teenager loses licence after reversing off roundabout

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.
Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.

A teenage motorist who tried to reverse off a roundabout and collided with another vehicle, has lost his licence for six months.

Lee Curley (19), of Beech Road, Dungiven, was fined £200 for driving without due care and attention on January 18.

Curley was fined a further £300 with £15 offender’s levy for careless driving and failing to display ‘R’ plates at Main Street, Claudy, on January 20.

A PPS lawyer said police were tasked to the incident at Hillhead Road at 10.30pm.

He said as a result of Curley attempting to reverse off Creagh Roundabout there was an accident.

The lawyer said one person later received medication from her GP but the attendance of an ambulance was declined.

Relating the incident at Claudy, the prosecutor said at approximately 12.30am police were at a car park when they observed the defendant perform a dropped manoeuvre causing the vehicle to lose traction and slide sideways.

Curley was stopped and told police that he should not have hand-braked.

A defence lawyer said the defendant was 18 at the time of the incidents and was “immature”.

He said Curley was an apprentice mechanic and was now living in London.

Imposing the penalties, the Deputy District Judge Peter Magill described the driving as “not good”, and said defendant had been fortunate not to be before the court on dangerous driving charges.