‘This must end now’ - Sinn Fein

SINN Fein councillors in Cookstown have expressed their sympathies to the Black family.

Reiterating party leader Gerry Adams’ sentiments that the murder of 52 year-old prison officer David Black’s murder was “wrong” and “serves no purpose or no cause”, Councillor John McNamee, current Chair of the Policing & Community Safety Partnership said the Cookstown man’s murder has caused nothing but “heartache and loss”.

“The actions of whoever carried out this brutal killing stand in stark contrast with the determination of everyone who has played any part in the peace process over the past two decades,” he said.

“The people have continuously voted for and supported the peace process in their thousands and it will continue to develop in spite of the actions of a small minority of individuals who are involved in this type of activity.”

Councillor McNamee added: “As locally elected representatives, we send our condolences to the Black family at their time of loss. We also reflect the message from many within the Nationalist community that actions such as this must end now.

“We echo the sentiments of our party leader Gerry Adams TD and Mid Ulster MP, Martin Mc Guinness in saying that this killing was wrong and serves no purpose or no cause.”