Tyre burning and graffiti 'damaging' Coalisland

Linda Dillon, MLA
Linda Dillon, MLA

Anti-social behaviour is 'upsetting residents and business owners' in Coalisland says a local MLA.

Sinn Fein representative Linda Dillon has called for an end to the damage and anti social behaviour in in the town, saying: "I am very concerned by recent events in and around our town centre and two things in particular which are very different situations but both are equally upsetting to the residents and business owners in Coalisland.

"The first is the burning of tyres and other material and whilst I understand that Hallowe'en is coming and there is a bonfire tradition - this can all be done in a way that does not damage property and our community.

"I would appeal to anyone with influence over the young people involved to explain to them the damage they are doing to their own town and their community at a time when we are trying to get investment into the town and have been successful in getting funding for a number of football clubs and Ogras youth club this activity takes away from all the hard work that is going on.

"The second issue of concern is around the recent spate of graffiti which has appeared all over the town and surrounding areas.

"I do not believe this is the way to make your point or resolve any disagreement you have with another person because everyone is suffering because of this it impacts on residents, businesses and on the view visitors have of our town again I would appeal to those involved to cease this activity.

The MLA said she has met with a number of agencies about issues in the town, and has worked with the council to have the graffiti removed.

"I believe this is harmful to our town and I am hopeful that we will be able to get something done to resolve this," she added.

"There is going to be further investment in our area and Coalisland has come a long way over recent years in terms of being able to get funding from council and central government so I would ask that we as a community do our bit look after our town because it is a reflection of us."