Tyrone man has car seized by police after being pulled for ‘drink driving’


Police in Dungannon have seized the vehicle of a man they stopped for suspected drink driving on Sunday evening.

The man, who was also found to have no insurance on the car, was discovered on the Ballygawley Road just before 7pm on July 12.

He has since been charged with driving with excess alcohol.

A police spokesperson said: “The car was stopped and the driver was arrested at the scene.”

PSNI Dungannon said on it’s Facebook page: “One of our crews has just made an arrest for excess alcohol.

“We can’t understand how some people think that it’s ok to get behind the wheel with alcohol in their system.

“Regardless of the risk of getting arrested by us (and losing their licence), do they not consider the danger they’re putting themselves and other road users in?”

They later said: “The vehicle has no insurance, so we’re making arrangements for it to be seized.”