Vehicles blocking wideload travelling through Aughnacloy ‘will be removed’ warn police


Police have issued a warning that vehicles blocking the path of wideloads travelling through Aughnacloy town centre on various nights up until October 30, will be removed.

A statement to the Times read: “There will be a wide load travelling through Aughnacloy and Enniskillen Town Centre on various nights between Sept 7 and Oct 30.

“Police ‘No Waiting’ cones will be in place on Main St Aughnacloy and also on Belmore St, Townhall St and Church St Enniskillen between the hours of midnight and 6am.

“If a vehicle is found parked in any restricted area, the vehicle will be removed by an approved contractor.”

Meanwhile, motorists intending to travel along the A4 From Ballygawley to Enniskillen this Saturday, September 10 should note that from 1pm, Fivemiletown will be closed to through traffic as a parade is taking place.