Was one milligram over the legal drink driving limit

Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel
Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel

An apprentice electrician from Eglish has been banned from driving for a year after he was spotted dragging an object below his car by police.

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court in Dungannon to plead guilty to drink driving was Ben Donnelly, 19, from Roan Close.

The court heard how police on patrol spotted an object being dragged below Mr Donnelly’s car in the early hours of June 19th at Collegelands Road in Charlemont.

He was stopped and a smell of alcohol was detected. He failed a roadside test and was arrested. He later provided a blood sample which was 1 milligram over the 80MG limit.

Mr Karl Mallon, defending, informed the court that he had also provided a breath sample in excess of the limit.

“This is an industrious young man,” Mr Mallon told the court. “He is an apprentice electrician who is in his final year of college.

“The inevitable outcome of this case will have a significant impact on his studies and his employment as he was using his vehicle to get to and from work.

“He is disappointed to find himself here and I would suggest that he will never be back before the court.”

Handing down a fine of £100 and a twelve month driving disqualification, District Judge John Meehan also certified Donnelly for the drink driver’s ‘Think First’ course, ordering that upon completion he would be permitted a 25 per cent reduction in the limit of the driving ban. A £15 offender’s levy was also imposed.