Dad furious after kids’ bikes ruined in Railway Park Dungannon

Broken glass and litter at Railway Park Dungannon
Broken glass and litter at Railway Park Dungannon

A Dungannon dad has hit out at the “disgraceful” state of Railway Park in the town after his children’s bikes were damaged by broken glass.

The local father, who uses the park frequently, contacted the TIMES to say the area has become “scary” at night because large groups of young people are gathering to drink and have “parties”.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the Dungannon man said: “Railway Park has become a hazard for dog walkers and kids .

“It is used by everyone and has got into such a disgraceful state . I was down the other day with the kids to go to the park. Both had flat tyres on their bikes so both are now needing new tyres .

“The drinking that goes on at the concrete platforms is a disgrace and scary, especially going to Tescos with the kids. These platforms need to be taken away to stop the youths gathering for parties.”

A spokesperson for Mid Ulster District Council, which is responsible for the upkeep of Railway Park, said staff collect litter three times a week while construction continues there.

The council also responds to reports of broken glass, the spokeswoman continued, describing it as a “continual problem”.

According to the council official, the multi sports area, which was regularly targeted by vandals, has also had to be removed.

“Litter bins and signage in the park have also been repeatedly vandalised”, she continued.

“We are faced with a situation where, despite our best efforts and targeting resources at the area, there is a small minority of people who show no respect for a community park or for other park users. We will continue to work with other agencies to address the littering and anti-social behaviour.”