Date changed for Bellaghy Republican’s anniversary parade

Dominic McGlinchey at Belfast High Court in 2009. Pacemaker Press 28/8/09
Dominic McGlinchey at Belfast High Court in 2009. Pacemaker Press 28/8/09

The date of a parade planned to commemorate Bellaghy Republican Declan McGlinchey has been moved following talks involving his family.

Unionists had called for the cancellation of the march, which was planned to take place in Bellaghy on October 29.

While Mr McGlinchey’s widow, Brenda had also voiced concerns about the parade, saying it “was against her family’s wishes”.

Originally planned to take place three days before the first anniversary of Mr McGlinchey’s death, the parade has now been moved to Saturday, November 12.

Mrs McGlinchey said in a Facebook post: “Following discussions the issue surrounding the parade has been resolved and the family’s wishes have now been taken into consideration and we are pleased with the outcome.

“The date of the parade has been changed and there will be nothing to represent a commemorative parade in any way.

“It will be a charity event only and I won’t be discussing this any further as I think it’s best for everyone, especially my children, that the matter is now concluded.”

Her 39-year-old husband, son of INLA member Dominic McGlinchey, died on November 1 last year after suffering a heart attack at home.

The Irish News reported that the organisation behind the parade - Martyrs of Eireann - said it was to raise money for Chest, Heart and Stroke.

The Parades Commission is yet to rule on the event.