Daycare Chooses to invest in My Nursery Pal

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A REVOLUTIONARY new nursery management App, that delivers real time information to parents, has just been integrated into Washingford Daycare’s four nurseries in mid-Ulster.

As the first nurseries in both Dungannon and Omagh to use the innovative app, Washingford Daycare is investing further into its systems and communications both internally and externally. My Nursery Pal will now be used by the Washingford Daycare nurseries in Omagh, Cookstown and the two childcare facilities in Dungannon. Developed by Antrim entrepreneur, Eugene McLaughlin, MyNurseryPal is helping Washingford Daycare to go paperless, reducing admin time for nursery staff, whilst improving communication and reducing parental stress at leaving children at daycare.

Commenting on the introduction of My Nursery Pal, Proprietor of Washingford Daycare, Sharon Kelly, adds: “By introducing MyNurseryPal, we are offering our parents the chance to see updates on their child – what they are eating, when they are sleeping - at a time that suits them best and on their terms. Our trial has proven the system is saving admin time in the nursery and we have received overwhelming positive feedback from staff and parents. We believe that the introduction of MyNurseryPal is yet another reason why Washingford Daycare remains one of the top nursery providers in NI.”

MyNurseryPal came into being after Eugene experienced first-hand the processes of nurseries when his child first started nursery school. Three years ago, Eugene’s son began attending nursery, where his daily activities, diet and actions were recorded in a notebook as a way of keeping records for both parents and nursery staff.

With a background in IT and marketing, Eugene was struck by how time-consuming the processes of recording every child’s activities must be so he sought to find a solution that would maintain the same quality of records for parents whilst minimising the recording time for nursery staff.

Founder of MyNurseryPal, Eugene McLaughlin explains:

“Originally, the plan was to offer a platform to record nurseries’ daily records in real time, and we delivered this, however, it became apparent that MyNurseryPal was capable of delivering solutions for the more complex areas of nursery management.

Over £40,000 has been invested in the platform’s development since it was created in 2014, and MyNurseyPal has been working with customers to improve and expand its solutions for nursery management.

Mr McLaughlin continues: “The system has evolved and MyNurseryPal now manages clients’ registrations, rotas, billings and communication systems, in addition to the crucial area of child observation and recording key milestones in children’s progression.”

Simple to integrate into a nursery, the system and its user-friendly interface make it quick and easy for nursery staff to log details for each child, while simultaneously updating the interface for parents, allowing them to view the status of their son or daughter throughout the day.

MyNurseryPal is now launching into Ireland with 10 nurseries signed up for trial installations in the first quarter of the year. By the end of 2017, the app aims to have 100 customers across the island of Ireland, including daycare nurseries and childminders. Future plans include expansion into mainland GB and beyond. For further information log on to