Detected driving at 101mph on M1 motorway


A sales rep who was detected driving a company car at 101mph on M1 Motorway has been fined and had penalty points endorsed on his licence.

Christopher Donnelly, 28, of North Parade, Belfast was charged with excess speed following an incident on M1 Motorway on February 21 this year.

A Court heard how police detected Mr Donnelly travelling at 101mph on the M1 and stopped the vehicle. A fixed penalty was offered but deemed not suitable as the speed was outside of the threshold.

A defence solicitor for Mr Donnelly told the court his client worked as a sales rep for Donnelly Group and that he offers no excuse for his speed, saying that he drives so much in his job that his speed ‘crept up on him.’

He also told the court Mr Donnelly travels to Dublin every weekend to pick up his daughter who lives with her mother in Dublin. He admitted on the day in question he was in a rush to relieve his sister who on that day had collected his daughter from Dublin for him.

District Judge John imposed fines totalling £365 and endorsed his licence with 4 penalty points. Drove